Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier

Here’s what Jacob has to say about learning how to gain great rhythmic abilities, "For me, experiential learning is way, way more important than intellectual learning". -- Taken from YouTube below. “Poly-rhythms is about being exact but life is not about being exact”. “In life, you learn most -   when you take a step forward,… Continue reading Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Preview of Song Rhythm Tracks iOS app / iPhone-X (vimeo)

How can I get these Song Rhythm Tracks? Are they available on Amazon or iTunes?

illustration LouisArmstrong
illustration Louis Armstrong

The tracks are available via Apple iOS mobile App and will later be available via an Android mobile app.

The huge permutations of song forms and rhythms available means the traditional audio file distribution channels of iTunes and Amazon do not fit this new medium of Song Rhythm Tracks.

In particular, Amazon and iTunes do not accommodate the additional assistance that is required for musician's to select the appropriate track.

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Song, “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” –

This Song Rhythm Track ballad arrangement fits songs such as, "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" that have an "8|10" form.  Here it is arranged with a 4-bar intro', followed by 3 choruses of the form and ending with a 6-bar section, using Jazz Brushes with a 2-feel in the middle choruses, performed at 45 bpm,

As supplied on the “Jazz and Blues Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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Song, “Miss The Mississippi And You” –

Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Miss The Mississippi And You", a Classic Nashville swing waltz at 85 bpm, with an 8-bar intro', 4 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form, with an 8-bar ending.

As supplied on the “Country Music Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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Here’s what folk are saying about Song Rhythm Tracks – Sandra –

Maverick and a True Innovator for the practical musician - We want to play our instruments and have great rhythmic backing with a minimum of fuss and bother. That’s what this App delivers.

- Sandra

“Old Country Music” Sampler iOS App released by Alive Drumming

Old Country Music Sampler is the new Song Rhythm Tracks sampler App from Alive Drumming providing the same great rhythm tracks arranger with 20+ included sample arrangements tracks of Old Country Music staples.



Old Country Music Sampler has the same facilities as the standard Song Rhythm Tracks Ap

Song, “La Enganadora” –

“La Enganadora” – A single chorus of the form "16|10|7"  with a 2-bar intro’ and no ending, using a New York Mozambique rhythm at 118 bpm

As supplied on the “Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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Could you give me some examples of Song Forms?

writing on a score
writing on a score

Song Forms for a number of songs are here

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