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Rock-on “Stick Notation”

Having words  (or a notation) for something changes everything.  In mathematics, the concept of zero brought big advances. Nowadays the concept of percentage (%) is everywhere - nobody feels uncomfortable with it. It's even a standard key on the keyboard!

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Musicians discussion the song form together before performing
Musicians have been referring to popular song forms by name for a long time. Isn't it time we allowed for a way for all song-forms to be described, not just the popular ones?  Rock-on, "stick notation" - see - <a href="

Practicing the right way. So important!

Whether it is your first stab at a melody, woodshedding or bringing it together with your buddies, at Alive Drumming we are convinced how one practices is the key to success.
And what is the best way?  Here is a popular article on “How to Practice, then How to Jam” –

“Inspiration? Some days there are no fish.” – John Williams

Inspiration? Some days there are no fish. Your best work comes when you get yourself out of the way - one's vanities, egos and fears - John Williams
Lose yourself in the music.  Try playing along to great rhythm tracks from talented artists.

Free Christmas Carols songbook

Here is a wonderful songbook by Paul Hardy of well-known Christmas Carols released under Creative Commons "Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike" licence (c) 2012

The PDF -

What we like so much is that the format is so minimal and straight-forward, with a simply-written melody, chord symbols and a single verse of lyrics.   Great for busking or developing one's own arrangement. What's more, they print beautifully as the

What? What are Song Rhythm Tracks?

Rhythm Tracks for your songs!

Song Rhythm Tracks (c) are production-ready, musician’s backing tracks arranged to a song’s form that you select and play using the Apple iOS mobile app.

Check out the Song Rhythm Tracks app on the Apple App Store.  For user guides and video tutorials, see –

Are you feeling like some truly great Jazz and Blues rhythms to play along to?


You can’t beat Song Rhythm Tracks!  Try the Jazz and Blues Sampler!  Some great numbers already arranged,

Try #jamming with #SongRhythmTracks at

“How does inspiration come? Sort of like water having to go through a rusty pipe” – Iggy Pop

How does inspiration come? Sort of like water having to go through a rusty pipe, it comes out a different colour.  On the way through, I get some of my bits in.  Sometimes it gets to be more me and that's probably not as good
- Iggy Pop

Get inspired.  Lose yourself in the music.