Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier

Here’s what Jacob has to say about learning how to gain great rhythmic abilities, "For me, experiential learning is way, way more important than intellectual learning". -- Taken from YouTube below. “Poly-rhythms is about being exact but life is not about being exact”. “In life, you learn most -   when you take a step forward,… Continue reading Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Preview of Song Rhythm Tracks iOS app / iPhone-X (vimeo)

“The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex, the most beautiful melodies simple and inevitable.” ― W.H. Auden view

The most exciting rhythms seem unexpected and complex, the most beautiful melodies simple and inevitable ― W.H. Auden

How true! The thing is there is nothing rhythmically complex about the mechanical rhythm of drum machines.  They may impress for the first bar but after that, the sheer monotonous of them is their downfall.  Lost is all those wonderful inner rhythms that drummers develop that play out over many bars as a response to the structure, or musical form, of the song.  For that, you need recordings of great drummers over whole sections of music and truly smart arranging to bring everything together. That's what you get with Song Rhythm Tracks.

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Song Rhythm Tracks audio is dry! Will Alive Drumming, or can I, add reverb?

Alive Drumming's Song Rhythm Tracks are supplied without reverb' (aka "dry").

We are working on making our iOS app Apple inter-app audio (IAA) compliant.  When ready, you will be able to use other, 3rd party app's to add reverb' to the audio.  See this Youtube video for some of them in action.


Alive Drumming, iOS App - Song Rhythm Tracks

Alive Drumming Releases 3.0 – The Giant Panda release of Song Rhythm Tracks

The Giant Panda, "User-Requests" Release - 3.0

The community asked; Alive Drumming listened.

  • SetList Sharing - Share your setlists in a similar way to sharing tracks
  • Search for SetLists - Download an entire album of tracks shared by others. Very handy for your rehearsals.
  • All samplers now can be downloaded as setlists.  Simply perform a setlist search for any of these names, "Afro-Cuban Salsa", "Jazz and Blues", and "Classic Country Music".  You will then receive all the track definitions (in the "deferred" state) where you can then choose, at any time, to download any of the tracks.
  • Reworked Search - More stable + Allows for more functio

Song, “St. Thomas” –

"St. Thomas"  - 3 Choruses of a 16-bar Tune (4 x 4-bar phrases) with a 4-bar ending using a Salsa Merengue Tipico rhythm. at 130 bpm.

As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App.

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Song, “Miss The Mississippi And You” –

Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Miss The Mississippi And You", a Classic Nashville swing waltz at 85 bpm, with an 8-bar intro', 4 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form, with an 8-bar ending.

As supplied on the “Country Music Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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More Audio Samples Released

Check out the Audio Samples page for more of the thousands of rhythms available.

Audio samples are provided in many different formats -

  • HTML5 audio preview
  • Download options
  • tracks
  • Backing tracks
  • Mixed by our supporters

For the best experience selecting all possible combinations of rhythms and Song Form, as well as a great player and setlist manager, download our Apple iOS App on the App Store.


More Audio Samples now available on HearThis.At

Alive Drumming hosts some sample Song Rhythm Tracks and a user-contributed mixes group at HearThisAt, the audio hosting service providing great user and social facilities.  Please contribute your own mixes to the Song Rhythm Tracks User Group at HearThisAt.

Hear this set of sample Jazz and Blues Song Rhythm Tracks at HearThisAt


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