Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier

Here’s what Jacob has to say about learning how to gain great rhythmic abilities, "For me, experiential learning is way, way more important than intellectual learning". -- Taken from YouTube below. “Poly-rhythms is about being exact but life is not about being exact”. “In life, you learn most -   when you take a step forward,… Continue reading Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Preview of Song Rhythm Tracks iOS app / iPhone-X (vimeo)

Song, “Cemento, Ladrillo y Arena” –

"Cemento, Ladrillo y Arena” – 4 choruses of a user-defined form (as 8|16/8 bars) with an 8-bar intro’ and no ending, using a Son Montuno 32 rhythm at 170 bpm

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As supplied on the "Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler", Apple iOS App.


“Old Country Music” Sampler iOS App released by Alive Drumming

Old Country Music Sampler is the new Song Rhythm Tracks sampler App from Alive Drumming providing the same great rhythm tracks arranger with 20+ included sample arrangements tracks of Old Country Music staples.



Old Country Music Sampler has the same facilities as the standard Song Rhythm Tracks Ap

What song forms does Alive Drumming support?

We support all the popular, essential song forms by name - 12 bar blues, 16 bar tunes, 32-bar A1A2 and 32-bar AABA, and about 30 other less common also by name.    The list is increasing!  We also support identifying these same song forms using stick notation.  This simply specifies section lengths in bars, for example, '8|8/8|8', where 'bridge' sections are preceded by a '/' instead of '|'.

Additionally, we support user-defined song forms using stick notation, repeats, and concatenation of up to four (4) parts</

More Audio Samples Released

Check out the Audio Samples page for more of the thousands of rhythms available.

Audio samples are provided in many different formats -

  • HTML5 audio preview
  • Download options
  • tracks
  • Backing tracks
  • Mixed by our supporters

For the best experience selecting all possible combinations of rhythms and Song Form, as well as a great player and setlist manager, download our Apple iOS App on the App Store.


Song, “Stormy Weather” –

"Stormy Weather" - This Song Rhythm Track fits a 32-bar AABA ballad, being played at 50 b.p.m.

As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App.

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Is Alive Drumming supporting my country or region?

Alive Drumming aims to cover all regions, countries, languages, and cultures.  Embracing a wide diversity of rhythms is what Alive Drumming is all about.  If we haven't adopted yours yet, we aim to in the future.  If you want yours to be supported now, why not contact us at


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Song, “Maria Cristina” –

Maria Cristina” – 3 choruses of the form "18|18/8/8" with a 2-bar intro’ and no ending, using a Son Medium rhythm at 140 bpm

As supplied on the “Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks at