Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier

Here’s what Jacob has to say about learning how to gain great rhythmic abilities, "For me, experiential learning is way, way more important than intellectual learning". -- Taken from YouTube below. “Poly-rhythms is about being exact but life is not about being exact”. “In life, you learn most -   when you take a step forward,… Continue reading Experiential Learning by Jacob Collier

Preview of Song Rhythm Tracks iOS app / iPhone-X (vimeo)

Song, “Longina” –

Longina” – 2 choruses of a user-defined form (as 4|13|20 bars) with a 4-bar intro’ and no ending, using a modern slow Merengue rhythm at 112 bpm

As supplied on the “Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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How to get great timing? – Y.S. Bach view

“It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.”
Johann Sebastian Bach

Yep, timing is everything.  The right note played at the wrong time is the wrong note.  So how do we get a great sense of timing? By always playing with great, inspiration rhythm tracks like Song Rhythm Tracks.  You will internalise the timing on so many levels from the swing within the bar to musical structure of the song.  Without trying you will listen and learn from great rhythm artists.  You can do much the same playing along with artists recordings except you'll have to make sure you don't get in their way!


What folk are saying about Song Rhythm Tracks – Hilly –

A unique arranger provides a lot of rhythmic support for little cost - there’s never been a simpler or faster drum rhythm arranger as this. I love the hundreds of great rhythms.

- Hilly

Song, “La Gloria eres tu” –



La Gloria eres tu” – A single chorus of the form "4|8|8|8|12" with no intro’ or ending sections and using a Bolero rhythm at 105 bpm

As supplied on the “Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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Song, “Cottonfields” –

Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Cottonfields", using a Nashville Country Skip rhythm at 140 bpm, with a 4-bar intro' and 2 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form.

As supplied on the “Country Music Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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New Song Rhythm Tracks Version 2.0 Basic Features Tutorial Released

Alive Drumming releases tutorial video for the basic features of using the iOS App Version 2.0.  The video uses an iPhone 6, but, other than the layout, it's the same for all iOS devices.

It's good to have the features described and see the walkthrough on the App at the same time.   There's another tutorial video coming up as well for the arrangement and setlists features.




Alive Drumming

Which app should I get, Song Rhythm Tracks or one of the Sampler apps?

Short answer - Any will do just fine!.

Same Functionality

They all have exactly the same functionalitySong Rhythm Tracks app tends to be the first when a new release comes out but the Sampler apps follow shortly afterwards.

Everything described on the website, in the videos, tutorials and user guides applies equally to the Song Rhythm Tracks app and the Sampler apps.

Choose your factory tracks

Each of the apps comes with a different set of inbuilt factory tracks.

Song Rhythm Tracks has 5 tracks.  This helps new users immediately get the idea of the app.  They can easily be deleted by swiping each left one at a time and there are only about 5 of them.

Sampler apps have more inbuilt factory track

“Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones.” ― Keith Richards view

Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words. It speaks in emotions, and if it’s in the bones, it’s in the bones  ― Keith Richards

How do you get music into your bones?  By always being surrounded by it when you are making music.  That's why it makes sense to always be practicing along to great drummers playing your song.  That's now possible with Song Rhythm Tracks.

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Song, “I Love Paris” –

This Song Rhythm Track has an 8-bar intro', 3 choruses of a 48-bar AAB form ("16|16/16") with an 8-bar ending using a Cha Cha rhythm, performed at 100 bpm.

As supplied on the “Jazz and Blues Sampler”, Apple iOS App.

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“Collaboration is like being in a relationship, you want to foster each other’s greatness in some way” – Fiona Apple

Like being in a relationship, you want to be collaborating with someone where you each want to bring the best out in each other.  You want to foster each other's greatness in some way. " - Fiona Apple

We want to foster your greatness.  Collaborate with us.

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