Here’s what Ethan thinks on Song Rhythm Tracks –

No.1 for Musician’s Usability – For me, there’s nothing else that has this sort of immediate musician’s usability.
- Ethan

Song, “Bye Bye Blackbird” – This fits "Bye Bye Blackbird", with an 8-bar intro' followed by 4 choruses of "16/8/8" form with a 4-bar ending, using a standard Jazz brushes rhythm at 120 bpm, Song Rhythm Track. Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks at As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App.

Can I cut records using Song Rhythm Tracks?

Song Rhythm Tracks uses high quality audio of great sessions drummers.   They are a good fit for inclusion into mixes of studio releasesAlive Drumming grants license to remix its tracks.  That is, you can take the Song Rhythm Tracks audio, mix with your own content, and sell that mix as your own work without paying a fee to Alive Drumming.

Alive Drumming prohibits resale or redistribution of its un-mixed, original Song Rhythm Tracks.  You cannot sell or give away these tracks unless you mix them into a new creative work.

How do I arrange tracks using Song Rhythm Tracks?

Song Rhythm Tracks shines at arranging! There are three ways.  It's your choice.  Check out -

  1. Select   the song form name  for your song from a list and then choose the number of choruses and the length of any intro' and ending sections.
  2. Enter     the song form's list of section lengths, such as "8|8/8|8" instead of selecting song form name.
  3. Lookup  an arrangement based on the title you are giving your track.  If a track with the same title has been shared before you'll get that arrangement and then you

What rhythms are available for Song Rhythm Tracks?

The Song Rhythm Tracks service currently supports about 60 different distinct rhythm categories, which includes about 250 distinct rhythm types.  Most of these are available with differing instrumentations and many are recorded at multiple tempos.  In all over 3,700 different rhythm options are available, each a separate recording.  The app makes selection easy by filtering on a musical meter (say 4/4 or 3/4 time), and feel (even or straight, 8th or 16th notes). For a full list of all rhythm categories and rhythm types available, see the page

Here’s what Hilly thinks about Song Rhythm Tracks –

A unique arranger provides a lot of rhythmic support for little cost – there’s never been a simpler or faster drum rhythm arranger as this. I love the hundreds of great rhythms.
- Hilly

“Just because you’re not a drummer doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep time”. – Thelonious Monk view

Just because you’re not a drummer doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep time. - Thelonious Monk
That is great wisdom from a true artist.   Keeping time is an essential skill for all musicians to develop.  If you are practicing without a drummer there is nothing better than practicing with Song Rhythm Tracks.  You'll feel the beat, keep time and the drumming will always reinforce the form of the song.  It's a great fun way to build musicianship. Enhance your #musicpractice with #SongRhythmTracks at

More Audio Samples Released

Check out the Audio Samples page for more of the thousands of rhythms available.
Audio samples are provided in many different formats -
  • HTML5 audio preview
  • Download options
  • tracks
  • Backing tracks
  • Mixed by our supporters
For the best experience selecting all possible combinations of rhythms and Song Form, as well as a great player and setlist manager, download our Apple iOS App on the App Store.  

Song, “In The Wee Small Hours of the Morning” – This Song Rhythm Track ballad arrangement fits songs such as, "In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" that have an "8|10" form.  Here it is arranged with a 4-bar intro', followed by 3 choruses of the form and ending with a 6-bar section, using Jazz Brushes with a 2-feel in the middle choruses, performed at 45 bpm, As supplied on the “Jazz and Blues Sampler”, Apple iOS App. Improve your #musicianship #practising with #SongRhythmTracks at  

Are you feeling like some truly great Afro-Cuban rhythms to dance to, or play along to?

You can't beat Song Rhythm Tracks!  Try the Afro-Cuban Sampler!  Some great numbers already arranged. Yep, #SongRhythmTracks has the easiest rhythm track #arranger ever!  

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