Song, “Calculadoro” – "Calculadoro" – 2 choruses of a user-defined form (as 20|8/8 bars) with no intro' or ending sections, using a Cha Cha Cha Latin Jazz rhythm at 135 bpm As supplied on the "Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler", Apple iOS App #arrange ANY song easily with #SongRhythmTracks at  

Song, “Me recordaras” – recordaras” – 2 choruses of a 32-bar AABA form (as 8|8/8|8 bars) with a 2-bar intro’ and no ending, using a Songo rhythm at 210 bpm As supplied on the “Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler”, Apple iOS App. Improve your #musicianship #practising with #SongRhythmTracks at

Song, “Cottonfields” – Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Cottonfields", using a Nashville Country Skip rhythm at 140 bpm, with a 4-bar intro' and 2 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form. As supplied on the “Country Music Sampler”, Apple iOS App. Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks   at  

How to get great timing? – Y.S. Bach view

“It’s easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.”Johann Sebastian Bach
Yep, timing is everything.  The right note played at the wrong time is the wrong note.  So how do we get a great sense of timing? By always playing with great, inspiration rhythm tracks like Song Rhythm Tracks.  You will internalise the timing on so many levels from the swing within the bar to musical structure of the song.  Without trying you will listen and learn from great rhythm artists.  You can do much the same playing along with artists recordings except you'll have to make sure you don't get in their way! #GettingIntoTh

More Audio Samples now available on HearThis.At

Alive Drumming hosts some sample Song Rhythm Tracks and a user-contributed mixes group at HearThisAt, the audio hosting service providing great user and social facilities.  Please contribute your own mixes to the Song Rhythm Tracks User Group at HearThisAt. Hear this set of sample Jazz and Blues Song Rhythm Tracks at HearThisAt [hearthis][/hearthis] <span style="font-famil

Song, “Blue Bayou” – Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Blue Bayou", using a light LA Pop Jazz rhythm at 118 bpm with a 4-bar intro' and 2 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form. As supplied on the "Country Music Sampler", Apple iOS App. #GettingIntoTheGroove #practicing with #SongRhythmTracks at  

“Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together.” – Edgar Winter view

Music is very spiritual, it has the power to bring people together. – Edgar Winter
When musicians come together they want to listen to each other, to each others music, phrasing, dynamics, micro-rhythms.  You want to listen to your fellow musicians.  To be fully focussed on it.  You don't want to be listening to a click-track or counting in your head.  My suggestion, if you don't have a drummer, use the same Song Rhythm Tracks in private practice and when you jam.  That'll free up your concentration for listening. #GettingIntoTheGroove #practicing with #SongRhythmTracks at

Cutting records with Song Rhythm Tracks. So easy!

Song Rhythm Tracks uses high-quality audio of great sessions drummers.   They are a good fit for inclusion into mixes of studio releases.

Alive Drumming grants license to remix its tracks.
That is, you can take the Song Rhythm Tracks audio, mix with your own content, and sell that mix as your own work without paying a fee to Alive Drumming.
Alive Drumming prohibits resale or redistribution of its un-mixed, original Song Rhythm Tracks.
You cannot sell or give away these tracks unless you mix them into a new creative work.

Here’s what Ron thinks on Song Rhythm Tracks –

Professional quality results, a simple approach with portable convenience – it’s nothing like the silly MIDI *dumb* machines. It’s real quality, professional, and usable. Recommended. - Ron, LA, USA  

How best to understand these Song Rhythm Tracks? What’s all the hoopla? Let us compare them with the competition!

A musician's player.    Massive library of rhythms.     No more drum loops.   No more sequencing.    Mobile-first and musician's language interface.  All-in-all, Song Rhythm Tracks are very different! Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks at