How can I learn about song form?

Song form is the concept that every song has been composed around a musical form or structure.   Popular song often chooses simple forms as a basis but forms can be more complex as well. A good reference on song form (structure) is the Wikipedia article, Alive Drumming aims to provide you with the easiest and most reliable methods to select or describe song form. Song Form may be selected using either (i) traditional names such as ’16

Song, “Moon River” – Use this for tunes that fit the "16|22" form requiring an ethnic waltz 3/4 time rhythm, such as "Moon River".  Here it is arranged as 3 choruses without intro' and ending sections, performed at 120 bpm. As supplied on the “Jazz and Blues Sampler”, Apple iOS App. Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks at

Alive Drumming Releases 3.0 – The Giant Panda release of Song Rhythm Tracks

The Giant Panda, "User-Requests" Release - 3.0

The community asked; Alive Drumming listened.

  • SetList Sharing - Share your setlists in a similar way to sharing tracks
  • Search for SetLists - Download an entire album of tracks shared by others. Very handy for your rehearsals.
  • All samplers now can be downloaded as setlists.  Simply perform a setlist search for any of these names, "Afro-Cuban Salsa", "Jazz and Blues", and "Classic Country Music".  You will then receive all the track definitions (in the "deferred" state) where you can then choose, at any time, to download any of the tracks.
  • Reworked Search - More stable + Allows for more functi

Are Song Rhythm Tracks for me?

Yes! They are for All Musicians!   New Musicians;    Experienced Musicians;     Great Musicians!   Really, any musician at all that plays songs or 'numbers' - Pianists, Guitarists, Horn Players, Singers and even Drummers.  You will love the experience and the benefit to practice, jamming and gigging.

Smart Music Creation

What's meant by "Smart Music Creation"?

"Smart" often means that technology has been added to something that previously had not had it. With 'music', the term 'digital' has been used for the distribution of consumer music in a 'digital form' - Audio-CD, mini-discs, DAT and later the revolution of online distribution through the iTunes Music Store. 'Smart Music Creation' could perhaps be considered to be where computerized devices help with the creation of music - the synthesizer, the drum machine, and MIDI generally. Drum Machines and Synthesizers are really new musical instruments lending themselves to new musical sounds and therefore new genres of music. That's not smart really, it is just a different type of instrument.

Enter - Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI</str

Song, “Blue Bossa” – This is a grooving jazz funk rhythm at 110 bpm arranged as an 8-bar intro', followed by 6 choruses of a 16-bar Tune (4 x 4-bar phrases). As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App. Better #musicianship #practising with #SongRhythmTracks at

When to work on your “Rhythm”?

When learning a new piece of music, when should a musician work on getting right the rhythm and feel of the piece?

We have long believed it has to be the very first thing to get right and there’s little point playing notes at all unless they are in the desired rhythm (feel and groove).   Tempo, however, is a whole other subject – there’s a lot to be said for precision and even playing tunes at markedly different tempos to internalize the piece better.
Timing is the bedrock of all music:  “When a note is struck at the wrong time, it’s the wrong note”.
Getting playing in the right rhythm as soon as possible is why we have always sought out structured and inspiring rhythmic backing.  This ultimately lead to  “Song Rhythm Tracks.

Rhythm and Tim

Song, “Blue Bayou” – Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Blue Bayou", using a light LA Pop Jazz rhythm at 118 bpm with a 4-bar intro' and 2 choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form. As supplied on the "Country Music Sampler", Apple iOS App. For more #backingtracks, check out #SongRhythmTracks  at

New Song Rhythm Tracks Version 2.0 Arranger and Setlists Tutorial Released

Alive Drumming releases tutorial video for the arranger and setlists features of using the iOS App Version 2.0.  The video uses an iPhone 6, but, other than the layout, it’s the same for all iOS devices. It’s good to have the features described and see the walkthrough on the App at the same time.   There’s another tutorial video coming up as well for the arrangement and setlists features.   Alive Drumming

Song, “East of The Sun” – Fits any song with a 36-bar ABC ("16/8|12") form, which is a 16-bar section, followed by an 8-bar bridge section, followed by a 12-bar section such as "Almost Like Being In Love" and "East of The Sun".   This arrangement has an 8-bar intro' and 4 choruses with an 8-bar ending and uses a modern Jazz rhythm at 130 bpm. As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App. Try some #jamming with #SongRhythmTracks at