NetTrack End-User Licence Agreement (EULA)

NetTracks Audio

Alive Drumming grants the user of these backing tracks the right to remix its tracks.  That is, you can take the NetTracks audio, mix it with your own content, and sell that mix as your own work without paying a fee to Alive Drumming.

Alive Drumming prohibits the resale or redistribution of its unmixed, original NetTracks audio.  You cannot sell or give away these tracks unless you mix them into a new creative piece of work.

Alive Drumming appreciates artistic attribution but does not require it in your remixed works.  You do not need to attribute Alive Drumming for the rhythm track in your remixed original work, but if you wish to please add, ‘rhythm track supplied by Alive Drumming (c)’.

NetTracks Track Descriptions

The wording of the backing tracks, including titles, arrangement and rhythm descriptions is in the public domain. No attribution is required.

NetTracks Images

No rights are granted for the reuse of the images used with these backing tracks in the iOS, Mac OS and TV OS apps.