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We provide resources in modern rhythms and arranging rhythm tracks and supply the Song Rhythm Tracks service and mobile apps.

Musicians Resources

Being a better musician, even being a musician, is an expansive and controversial thing yet we all know if we are a better one today than last month.

There are different types of musicians and different approaches to learning the craft – witness that wonderful book and video by Andrew Zuckerman, ‘Music‘, where many great musicians are interviewed.  They all seem to emphasise different things and have different beliefs but they are all great musicians.

Even the scholarly approach is optional.  Some take it, some don’t.  There are plenty of great musicians who have never learnt some aspects of the language of music but know music and have wonderful musicianship nonetheless.

Alive Drumming is principally about the musicianship of non-classical music – pop, rock, folk, blues, country, jazz and other music of the people rather than of the conservatory or the church.  It particularly emphasises groove and rhythm.

All genres of music, instrumentalists and singers, countries, languages and styles


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1, Bessie Street, Bentleigh East, MELBOURNE, Victoria 3165, Australia

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Phone Australia (+61) 411 090 168

Press Enquiries

email:  marketing@alive-drumming.org


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Regions, Locales and Languages

Alive Drumming has customers on all continents.  Our Apple universal iOS apps (for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) are available at all Apple regional app stores, worldwide and have been translated into 21 languages.  We provide support principally in English but do work with translators to service all our customers in all languages.

AppApp Store
App Language
Song Rhythm Tracks
USA, -us
English (US), -en
Song Rhythm TracksChina, -cn
Chinese Simplified,  -zh-CN
Song Rhythm TracksChina, -cn
Chinese Traditional, -zH-TW
Song Rhythm TracksDenmark, -dk
Danish, -da
Song Rhythm TracksBelgium, -be
Dutch, -nl
Song Rhythm TracksFinland, -fi
Finish, -fi
Song Rhythm TracksFrance, -fr
French, -fr
Song Rhythm TracksGermany, -de
German, -de
Song Rhythm TracksGreece, -gr
Greek, -el
Song Rhythm TracksIndonesia, -id
Indonesian, -id
Song Rhythm TracksItaly, -it
Italian, -it
Song Rhythm TracksJapan, -jp
Japanese, -ja
Song Rhythm TracksKorea, -kr
Korean, -ko
Song Rhythm TracksMalaysia, -my
Malay, -ms
Song Rhythm TracksNorway, -no
Norwegian, -no
Song Rhythm TracksBrazil, -br
Portuguese, -pt-BR
Song Rhythm TracksPortugal, -pt
Portuguese, -pt-PT
Song Rhythm TracksRussia, -ru
Russian, -ru
Song Rhythm TracksMexico, -mx
Spanish, -es-419
Song Rhythm TracksSpain, -es
Spanish, -es
Song Rhythm TracksSweden, -se
Swedish, -sv
Song Rhythm TracksThailand, -th
Thai, -th
Song Rhythm TracksTurkey, -tr
Turkish, -tr
Song Rhythm TracksVietnam, -vn
Vietnamese, -vi
China Denmark Belgium
Finland France Germany
Greece Indonesia Italy
Japan Korea Malaysia
Norway Brazil Portugal
Russia Mexico Spain
Sweden Thailand Turkey

Please reach out,  wherever you are.

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