Alive Drumming

Alive Drumming is the organisation behind superb-quality rhythmic backing tracks, that are arranged to your songs. Everything has been considered – always-visible arrangements, in-built powerful setlists, searching and ordering, musician’s audio-player with configurable fade endings, per-track volume attenuation and visible arrangement tracking.


NetTracks is our rhythm backing tracks streaming service available on Apple TV, Mac’s, iPhones and iPads. Tracks can be saved on Mac and iOS devices and arranged into setlists for practice and performance.

Song Rhythm Tracks

Song Rhythm Tracks is the iPhone and iPad arranger, allowing you to arrange your own rhythmic backing tracks. It is very different to Midi Drum Machines (MDMs) – Terrabytes of high-quality, long-form audio recordings of top sessions drummers are held on our servers and the app allows for selection of a recordings and specifying an arrangement. Our servers then create the requested rhythmic backing track and download it to the app.

The Song Rhythm Tracks arranger is available either (i) fully licensed and fully functional, or (ii) as a demonstration, ‘sampler’ app, complete with factory tracks and limited downloads availability. Available sampler apps are ‘Classic Country Music’, ‘Afro-Cuban Salsa’ and ‘Jazz and Blues’.

We think the best way to now experience a large collection of pre-arranged song rhythm tracks is using the new NetTracks service.