Song, “Oh, Lonesome Me” – Song Rhythm Tracks that fits "Oh, Lonesome Me", using a TexMex Country even 8th rhythm at a 100 bpm, with a 6-bar intro', 7 choruses of a 16-bar Tune (8|8), and a 4-bar ending. As supplied on the "Old Country Music Sampler", Apple iOS App., #GettingIntoTheGroove #practicing with #SongRhythmTracks at

Alive Drumming’s Smart Web Services with Elixir, Phoenix and GCP

Ever wondered what technology lies behind Alive Drumming's smart web services? Here's the gist -

Alive Drumming's smart web services have been engineered in the Elixir programming language.  The web service supplies Alive Drumming's fully arranged rhythm tracks constructed from multiple takes of long-form audio of very talented drummers. Simply put, this service
  1. Parses a web request,
  2. Determines the arrangement structure of the requested track,
  3. Creates the audio-engineering scripts to splice slices of the long-form audio into the re

“Old Country Music” Sampler iOS App released by Alive Drumming

Old Country Music Sampler is the new Song Rhythm Tracks sampler App from Alive Drumming providing the same great rhythm tracks arranger with 20+ included sample arrangements tracks of Old Country Music staples.     Old Country Music Sampler has the same facilities as the standard Song Rhythm Tracks Ap

Song, “How High The Moon” – Here's a demo Song Rhythm Track.  An older style Jazz rhythm at 100 b.p.m.  4 Choruses of 32-bar A1A2 form (16|16) As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App Nobody does #songform quite like #SongRhythmTracks   --


Song, “El que Siembra su maiz” – que Siembra su maiz” – A single chorus of the form "20|20/8|13/8|13/8|13"  with no intro’ or ending sections, using a Son Montuno 32 rhythm at 170 bpm As supplied on the Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler, Apple iOS App. Try some #jamming with #SongRhythmTracks  at

Who are Song Rhythm Tracks for?

All Musicians!   New Musicians;    Experienced Musicians;     Great Musicians; Really, any musician including Pianists, Guitarists, Horn Players, Singers and even Drummers. The tracks can be used for practice, jamming, gigging and cutting a release. They cover a wide selection of musical genres with 1000's of rhythms available. They are best for musicians who play songs or 'numbers'  and wish to have an inspiring rhythmic accompaniment that fits the song they are playing, both rhythmically and the musical form. They are particularly useful for music teachers and students a

Alive Drumming’s favourite Frequently  Asked  Questions  (FAQ)

We have hand-picked some of our favourite  F.A.Q.s about Alive Drumming and Song Rhythm Tracks.

Why do these Song Rhythm Tracks sound so great?

They do, don’t they! And for a number of reasons:
  1. Great Recordings of Great Drummers – Song Rhythm Tracks are arranged from careful studio recordings of excellent drummers.  They are not constructed from midi files fitting together “samples” from single drum hits to form a mechanical style but rather multiple longer-form full recordings by