Why can’t I get Song Rhythm Tracks on iTunes or Amazon?

Song Rhythm Tracks are now available via Apple iOS mobile App and will be available via an Android mobile app. The huge number of arrangements and rhythms means distribution via iTunes and Amazon does not fit Song Rhythm Tracks. This is because Amazon and iTunes do not have a way for musicians to select the arrangement and rhythm.

What do drummers think of rhythm tracks?

One thing's for sure,

the drumming always, always needs to follow the form of the song
Drummers know this;   Amateurish use of rhythm tracks often don't.  https://alivedrumming.com/song-form-rhythm-tracks No getting around it, if you accompany someone on the drums you need to always be outlining the song's form and if you arrange your own rhythm tracks, you need to do the same. That's why Alive Drumming's Song Rhythm Tracks always uses the song's form as the basis of the arrangement. It creates a great arrangement simply by structuring everything around the song's form. https://alive-dru

“Jazz and Blues” Sampler iOS App released by Alive Drumming

Check out Alive Drumming's first 'Sampler' edition of the 'Song Rhythm Tracks (SRT)' iOS App, the "Jazz and Blues Sampler". Jazz and Blues Sampler has the same facilities as the standard App but comes pre-installed with 20+ Jazz and Blues arrangements and an allocation of 4 downloads for your own arrangements (more are available via In-App Purchasing).  What an opportunity to sample some arrangements of these well known standards before using the App for your own arrangements!   It's the same Song Rhythm Tracks App with the latest graphics and facilities.

Price Reduced for a limited t

Song, “Just Friends” Cha Cha – http://hearthis.at/1784952/

https://hearthis.at/alive-drumming/5x32a1a2chachadry135variation4of8allmix/ Fits many 32-bar A1A2 songs, even some unexpected ones for the Cha Cha rhythm such as "Just Friends".  5 Choruses of 32-bar A1A2 (no intro or ending). As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App.  https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1344104865 Try #jamming with #SongRhythmTracks at alivedrumming.com

How can I use the Song Rhythm Tracks? What’s my licence?

Alive Drumming grants license to remix its tracks.  That is, you can take the Song Rhythm Tracks audio, mix with your own content, and sell that mix as your own work without paying a fee to Alive Drumming. Alive Drumming prohibits resale or redistribution of its un-mixed, original Song Rhythm Tracks.  You cannot sell or give away these tracks unless you mix them into a new creative piece of work. Alive Drumming appreciates artistic attribution but does not require attribution in your remixed works.  You do not need to attribute Alive Dr

Song, “Secret Love” – http://hearthis.at/1785006/

https://hearthis.at/alive-drumming/3x8a8a4b4alapopjazzfunkswdry120variation1of1allmix/ "Secret Love" - 3 choruses of the form, "8|8/4|4" using an LA Pop Jazz Funk Swing rhythm at 120 bpm, Song Rhythm Tracks. #arrange ANY song, easily with #SongRhythmTracks at alive-drumming.org As supplied on the "Jazz and Blues Sampler", Apple iOS App.  https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1344104865

When to work on your “Rhythm”?

When learning a new piece of music, when should a musician work on getting right the rhythm and feel of the piece?

We have long believed it has to be the very first thing to get right and there’s little point playing notes at all unless they are in the desired rhythm (feel and groove).   Tempo, however, is a whole other subject – there’s a lot to be said for precision and even playing tunes at markedly different tempos to internalize the piece better.
Timing is the bedrock of all music:  “When a note is struck at the wrong time, it’s the wrong note”.
Getting playing in the right rhythm as soon as possible is why we have always sought out structured and inspiring rhythmic backing.  This ultimately lead to  “Song Rhythm Tracks.

Rhythm and Tim

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