No.1 for Musician’s Usability

Ethan, Kyoto, Japan.

Sax player. Plays pop, rock, blues, jazz, bop, ballads, everything really.

IMMEDIATE MUSICIAN’S USABILITY.   What’s different about this App is that it makes it feasible for the average guy, with very little effort, to play their songs to very engaging arranged rhythm tracks. I’ve tried lots of them and I haven’t come across any other app that comes close to that.

This app combines a musician’s player, a setlist manager and an arranger in one app. It’s swift to select arrangements, and then you can put them into setlists and keep changing and reordering the lists as your set evolves. Now I grab my sax’ and my mobile phone and either play a setlist or quickly search and find tracks as I go through my books of lead sheets. If I don’t have a way for a tune, I will have and will probably be playing it a minute later. For me, nothing else has this sort of immediate musician’s usability.