An understated wonder is a wolf in sheep’s clothing with ultimate usability

Wendy, Florence, Italy.

Plays guitar, and clarinet. Likes classical music and classic popular, folk, Latin, jazz and blues, particularly on the clarinet!

WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING.  My experience is similar to the other poster. This App, at first glance, seems bland and uninspiring, but its a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s the very essence of UNDERSTATEMENT – like Braun or B&O. No flashing lights. No gimmicks. Just GREAT DESIGN and a TOTAL RETHINK as regards USABILITY.

The backing tracks are the best imaginable and ready in no time at all. They really do sound like a drummer is playing the ACTUAL SONG. I don’t know how they achieve that without knowing everything about the song. It’s uncanny.I have tried other music generation programs for getting backing tracks, with very limited success. I always give up with them at the end because they take up so much of your time and don’t sound that inspirational anyway. It’s not like that with these Song Rhythm Tracks. 30 secs tops and they sound just great. No duds. The organisation and playing of tracks aren’t mentioned much but it’s brilliant and so understated.

You don’t need to use another player. The inbuilt player is a ‘musicians’ player – big buttons, quality speed variation which persists to your next play. Here’s another big thing that isn’t mentioned very much. You always can see the arrangement on the screen, so you know what you will be playing along to. And it’s in musician’s language which is just what you want. Great. Most of my tracks I haven’t had to arrange as I’ve found one using the inbuilt search feature. I’ve arranged a couple though and it was so easy. There really isn’t anything else like this. Super simply arranging. Great sound. Total Understatement. I just love it – even on my iPod Touch! I play a lot of Latin Rhythms and they have them all. And they sound so authentic. I totally recommend this App to people who care about music and sound and aren’t looking for a flashing-lights-toy, but rather something that will satisfy for the rest of your life. Real Quality is so rare, but this is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.