A unique arranger provides a lot of rhythmic support for little cost

Hilly, Tokyo for now

Plays guitar and piano and sings. Likes Latin and classic rock and pop.

I find this app pretty unique in its approach to arranging. It’s not the most comprehensive arranger available but it’s unique in its simplicity. It really does allow for some pretty easy ways to arrange a track from simply matching on the track title to selecting a well-known song form. You can even enter song forms using “stick notation” (see their website or the inbuilt help screens). You then get an arrangement based on the sectional structure of the song with options for intros and endings as well. This works surprisingly well providing a track that really outlines the sections of the song including bridges and middle choruses as well. That’s a lot of rhythm support for very little effort and cost.

They sound very good as well. For a lot of tunes, that’s all you need but for some tunes, you might also want drum breaks or different styles of drumming throughout the song. That’s not what Song Rhythm Tracks does – not yet anyway. I’ve heard they are working on introducing breaks right now (now delivered in release 3.0).

Still, there’s never been a simpler or faster drum rhythm arranger as this and the player and setlists make it more usable than anything else. I love the hundreds of great rhythms.