What makes Rhythmic Backing Tracks usable?

This is what makes rhythm tracks usable – 1 – Great music—> Based on recordings of top session drummers2 – Arranged to the song —> Created using masses of meta-data and smart arranging3 – Available in many rhythmic styles—> Massive library – 1,000s of rhythms4 – Inexpensive—> Less than $1 / track5 – Accessible – available quickly and easily—> Less than 30 seconds to select a track.   Mobile… Continue reading What makes Rhythmic Backing Tracks usable?

Song Rhythm Tracks – Users’ Testimonials

We canvassed some opinions from social media.  It is always interesting to see how others view Song Rhythm Tracks.  See what you think.

No.1 for Musician's Usability

      Ethan - Kyoto, Japan. Sax player. Plays pop, rock, blues, jazz, bop, ballads, everything really

Ethan Algan
Ethan Algan

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