Song Rhythm Tracks – Users’ Testimonials

We canvassed some opinions from social media.  It is always interesting to see how others view Song Rhythm Tracks.  See what you think.

No.1 for Musician's Usability

      Ethan - Kyoto, Japan. Sax player. Plays pop, rock, blues, jazz, bop, ballads, everything really
Ethan Algan
Ethan Algan
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Smart Music Creation

What's meant by "Smart Music Creation"?

"Smart" often means that technology has been added to something that previously had not had it. With 'music', the term 'digital' has been used for the distribution of consumer music in a 'digital form' - Audio-CD, mini-discs, DAT and later the revolution of online distribution through the iTunes Music Store. 'Smart Music Creation' could perhaps be considered to be where computerized devices help with the creation of music - the synthesizer, the drum machine, and MIDI generally. Drum Machines and Synthesizers are really new musical instruments lending themselves to new musical sounds and therefore new genres of music. That's not smart really, it is just a different type of instrument.

Enter - Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI</str