The Key Concept of “Song Rhythm Tracks”

This is such a key concept behind Song Rhythm Tracks - Drummers always outline the form of the song being played. the drumming always, always needs to follow the form of the song Drummers know this;   Amateurish use of rhythm tracks often don’t. No getting around it, if you accompany someone on the drums… Continue reading The Key Concept of “Song Rhythm Tracks”

Interested in the evolution of “Music Making Tooling” ? Want to know what we mean by “Smart Music Creation” ?

Every now and then mankind advances.  We gain a new skill or technology and humanity benefits forever.  Like Smart Music Creation -   A major leap is not always recognised straight away; We understand it on reflection years later.    Check out the article to learn where we are at and where we are going with Smart Music Creation.

Why Song Form with Rhythm Tracks? Check out the link above to "Learn Jazz Standards" on laying out the song form as you drum. Ever wondered why “Song Rhythm Tracks“, and not just, “Rhythm Tracks“? It’s because the drumming should always be outlining the form of the song you are playing.  That’s fundamentally the role of the drummer, or the… Continue reading Why Song Form with Rhythm Tracks?