Which app should I get, Song Rhythm Tracks or one of the Sampler apps?

Short answer – Any will do just fine!.

Same Functionality

They all have exactly the same functionalitySong Rhythm Tracks app tends to be the first when a new release comes out but the Sampler apps follow shortly afterwards.

Everything described on the website, in the videos, tutorials and user guides applies equally to the Song Rhythm Tracks app and the Sampler apps.

Choose your factory tracks

Each of the apps comes with a different set of inbuilt factory tracks.

Song Rhythm Tracks has 5 tracks.  This helps new users immediately get the idea of the app.  They can easily be deleted by swiping each left one at a time and there are only about 5 of them.

Sampler apps have more inbuilt factory tracks, about 20.  These are in the genre of the Sampler.  There is not much additional cost for these tracks but the tracks might not be the ones you want to play.  The idea is that you can ‘sample’ these tracks using the app. You get to appreciate both the sound quality of the tracks and the advantages of playing the tracks using the app.  Again, delete the ones you do not want.

Factory track sets are now available as shared setlists

Each set of Sampler’s factory tracks is now available for download as a shared setlist.  To do this

1. Create a new (empty) setlist – press the blue ‘+‘ button.

2. Configure the setlist – press the blue pencil-in-a-box button

3. Name the setlist the name of the Sampler whose tracks you wish to retrieve, either

  • Jazz and Blues
  • Classic Country Music
  • Afro-Cuban Salsa

3. Press the blue hourglass button to search for the named setlist.  After a few seconds, your new setlist should get populated with the 20+ tracks of the Sampler by the same name and you will see a confirmation message.

4. Press the blue floppy-disk button to save the setlist.

You now will have the 20+ arrangements in that new setlist.  You can repeat this for each of the Sampler app factory tracks if you wish, using a new setlist for each.  There is no cost for downloading track definitions like this.  Your allocation of downloads is only used when you download the tracks audio by pressing its download button.  The Song Rhythm Tracks app now has unlimited downloads.

Allocation of Download Tracks

The Song Rhythm Tracks app comes with an unlimited amount of download tracks and the samplers come with 4 before you need to purchase more allocation using in-app-purchasing with the pink shopping trolley button. This allows the sampler apps to be much less expensive.  There is no difference between the in-app purchasing of the different apps.  They function identically.

Comparison Table


Download iCon App US$ Cost Track Download Allocation Inbuilt (factory) Tracks

Classic Country Music Sampler
Classic Country Music Sampler

Classic Country
Music Sampler


$ 2.00





Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler
Afro-Cuban Salsa Sampler

Salsa Sampler


$ 2.00





Jazz and Blues Sampler
Jazz and Blues Sampler

Jazz and
Blues Sampler


$ 2.00





Song Rhythm Tracks
Song Rhythm Tracks

Song Rhythm Tracks


$ 20.00







Afro-Cuban Sampler, Alive Drumming, Class Country Music Sampler, iOS App – Song Rhythm Tracks, Jazz and Blues Sampler, Song Rhythm Tracks

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